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Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

I have been working with nonprofits for almost 20 years on technology issues. Over that time, I've learned a lot, and have some things to say. I blogged about this topic for a number of years, and I had planned to write a book, but getting the time to write it didn't pan out. So instead of crowd-funding, I'm crowd-writing!

Feel free to create an account (it will need to be approved by me), and add to it in any way you see fit. I'll be posting my own writing on this wiki over time, as I get time, but this is really meant as a community resource, one that anyone can use, and contribute to.

If you landed here, and you're looking for technology advice, give me a call!

The Rules

This is short, and is taken directly from a community I've been a part of for a long time, Linuxchix. That motto is, "Be polite, be helpful." The one thing I would add is that this is not designed to compete with or replace, the incredible work of folks like Idealware, NTEN, Aspiration, TechSoup, or a dozen other great informational resources. It's designed to dig underneath the surface a bit, and ask some interesting, and sometimes difficult questions.

The Outline

(This is my outline. As you can see, just about all of the pages yet to be added (most haven't been written, others, I haven't yet had the time to put up here.) Please feel free to start them. Also, please feel free to start your own pages, but place them appropriately in the outline.)

Old Blog Entries

Because people end up here from many old blog entries, I figured I'd start putting them up here.

Old Blog Archive